Understanding Commission

The Seller pays the Total Commission

  • Total commission shall be 4.0% of the final sale price plus HST

Where does that Money Go ?

  • Usually there are 2 Brokerages involved in your transaction,? the Listing Brokerage and Agent, that is me,? I work for you
  • Therefore 2.0% pays for the Listing Services

Half the Total Commission is Given to the Co-Operating Brokerage (2.0%)

  • The Co-Operating Brokerage and Agent represents the Buyer
  • When you list your property on the MLS, you are inviting all Real Estate Agents from the Region to show and sell your home
  • The commission you are offering to the Co-Operating Brokerage is listed on your MLS listing so all agents know how much they will be paid upon a successful negotiation

Occasionally I will sell your property myself, that is, I will show your home and bring you an acceptable offer from a buyer not represented by another agent

  • If this were to happen, your total commission will be reduced to 3.5%
  • EXCEPT in multiple offers, as by Regulation, in a multiple offer situation all buyers must have equal chance to negotiate and a commission reduction for one buyer would favour that buyer and would not be fair
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