Staging a Home

With the explosive popularity of HGTV and decorating magazines, buyers are design savvy when it comes to buying a home. They have high expectations and usually very little time or money to renovate their new home right away.

Research shows that 63% of buyers will shop until they find a neutral home which is move in ready. In addition, these buyers will pay more money for that property because the home reflects the lifestyle they want without having to do anything to achieve it. Home staging justifies a home’s listing price.

Regardless of a home’s price point, if the home’s appearance is marred by clutter, overly personal decor and uncompleted repairs then buyers will very simply move on to the next property.?

?Professional stagers?tell their clients that buyers are not so much looking for a house as they are searching for the ideal lifestyle. By staging your home, you are selling them a new and exciting lifestyle in a beautifully designed and maintained home.

In addition, home staging is strategically designed to target the buyers likely to buy a particular type of home. This means as professional home stagers we not only stage a home to appeal to as many buyers as possible, we also ensure that the presentation appeals to the target audience. This significantly increases the chances that a home will sell fast and for top dollar!

Home Staging is about making a connection …
To sell your home, a buyer has to fall in love with it!?Stagers know how vital it is to “set the stage” so that buyers are romanced by neutral, uncluttered spaces in a well maintained home. By enlisting?professional services, you ensure that your home will stand out from the crowd and be remembered hours and even days later.?The motto is:

Why show your home “as is” when you can show it as “the best it can be”?

Home Staging transitions a family home back into being a house again, without all the personal touches and mementos which make it a home. Home Staging is a powerful tool which sellers can utilize to get more viewings which then translates to more offers and a faster selling time. Staged homes have been proven to sell up to 85% faster than unstaged homes and for 90 – 150% of the listing price!

We often get asked if every home needs home staging. The truth is, all the characteristics which make it a home for a family are the items which professional stagers suggest be packed away. The goal of Home Staging is always to showcase a home so that it portrays a modern, neutral appearance which not only appeals to design savvy buyers, but provides a blank slate which buyers can envision themselves living in. So, in answer to the original question, yes, nearly every home can reap the benefits from home staging.

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