Is a Condo Right for You?

So, Why do People Buy Condo’s ?

  • They do not have the time, energy, physical ability or money to look after outdoor space
  • They own a second home, cottage, RV or boat and spend months?away from their local residence
  • Or like to travel frequently, you can leave a condo (and your car) and not have to worry, or trouble?someone to check in
  • There is often a feeling of security, being within a locked building, or being several stories above the ground
  • There is less maintenance, no roof, basement, exterior. ?And often no furnace, no AC, no water heater
  • There is good accessibility with heated garage parking, elevators
  • Some people enjoy the community often found in large buildings, especially amongst seniors
  • A smaller space can be very easy to care for
  • Unlike rental spaces, you can personalize. ?Flooring, trim, kitchens, baths, paint. ?You can decide and make it home
  • Utility and insurance costs are generally lower than a detached home
  • Renting is a waste of money and not contributing to your net worth


So, Why do Some People Hate Condo’s and Are Not happy with the Lifestyle?

  • Condo fees go up, and people feel that these expenses are not reasonable
  • People don’t use the amenities in the building and don’t like to pay for them
  • Living in close proximity to neighbors is a source of aggravation
  • There can be smells and noises in the halls
  • Some other people in the building may not respect the rules for pets, noise, utilizing common area etc.
  • Other people abuse the parking and / or?visitor parking,
  • They don’t feel like they have any privacy
  • They don’t feel like they have any control over their own home
  • They find the space’s to be too small and confining
  • They find?the municipal taxes, condo fees, utilities and insurance too expensive for the perceived value
  • They don’t understand how condo’s work, how things are done, or not done
  • Other folks smoke, litter, party, etc, etc.
  • They don’t feel like the level of maintenance is good enough, have disagreements with the management company
  • Rules about window coverings, BBQ’s, Christmas lights, door hangers, storage, etc. etc. is too strict
  • Depending upon the building, age of building – heating and cooling can be difficult to control
  • No room to keep all the “stuff”, storage can be very limited
  • Fear of Fire


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